SALLY tears up hollow initatives and old truths. True sustainable action delves deep into the core of business, affecting everything.

A bond beyond business

SALLY helps businesses become future-fit by materializing sustainability solutions. We craft lovable customer experiences, build new circular business models, and apply emerging technologies to humanity's grand challenges.

Our two main offerings are deep-reaching partnerships:
S-Labs and Co-Labs.



78% of companies focus on incremental innovation. It is not enough. We help you set up spearhead innovation units outside your organization, bringing a structured approach to deliver breakthrough sustainability solutions at breakneck speed.

Ideas are explored, validated, and brought to life in the lab – then reincorporated and scaled within your organization.

1. Readiness

Explore the innovation gap to sustainability and understand your readiness for disruption.

2. Establish

Make a plan, build a team, and set clear goals.

3. Pilot

Carry out pilot projects to prototype innovations and deliver impactful outcomes.

4. Scale

Start scaling structured innovation with more workstreams.


What burning issue is too complex for you to solve alone?

Through SALLY’s Co-Labs, we gather different actors to innovate together around burning sustainability challenges too big to solve alone. By pooling resources, perspectives, and know-how, we unlock solutions that deliver real change and shared value.

For instance, a Co-Lab can focus on challenging the status quo in a sector, raising demand for sustainable solutions, or implementing a circular business model across a value chain.

There are three central states of a Co-Lab.

1. Co-magination

We come together to explore the problem and solution space and develop a shared vision.

2. Conceptualization

We conceptualize, prototype, and validate breakthrough solutions.

3. Completion

We bring solutions to life – implementing, commercializing, and scaling for impact.