A future

a sudden outburst or emergence into action, expression, or emotion.

ORIGIN 1535-45;
from old French saillie, from saillir to dash or rush forward, from Latin salīre to leap.


The challenges we face are great.
We believe our imaginations are even greater.

To create the future we want, we need to unleash our imaginations. Instead of responding in increments, we should be imagining without limits.

SALLY is EY Doberman’s future manifestation lab.

SALLY catalyses movement towards a world that thrives. A world that is regenerative and fair. A world that we can start building today.

A Preferable
future of  

fashion image
fashion image

Fashion is broken. From farm to factory to landfill, and all the steps in between. To fix it, we need to imagine what it could be. SALLY inspired the industry by imagining new digital products, services and business models that could create a future for fashion that is rewarding for all.

fashion image
fashion image
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Preferable future of
The plan? We can’t tell you exactly. It is being written and acted upon at this very moment. What we do know is that the beautiful future we choose will require our collective imaginations to get there.
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TheCity2035 - an installation

Our imaginations can visualise two futures. One where we let business-as-usual run away towards collapse, and another where we grasp the opportunities in front of us and instigate the Great Regeneration.

The immersive manifestation TheCity2035 allows visitors to walk through these two distinctly different futures and see the result of our actions… or inaction.

SALLY and EY Doberman brought thought leaders and creatives from around the world to create a touring installation that has inspired audiences in North America and the Nordics. TheCity2035 continues to tour.

mycelium image
mycelium image
mycelium image
mycelium image

Our projected future is not acceptable. We need to imagine a future that is preferable.

To translate a preferable future into steps we can take today, we backcast. Backcasting is working backwards from the future to understand how we can make imagination a reality. What conditions did we need for change to happen?

How did our behaviour, the technology, the laws, social norms, and business models shift to bring in our preferable future?

Our collective future is not yet determined. It will be defined by the actions we take (and don’t take) today. So let’s choose our future. You. Me. Here. Now. And let’s make it a good one.

Imagining a better
way to build

What if we could work with nature to house and shelter?

In 23 days, a 0.01μm mycelium spore created a 3600㎡ root system that has become a structural wall of the SALLY space. Acoustic and thermally insulating, fire-resistant, compostable and producing no volatile organic compounds. Our wall proves there are better ways, should we dare imagine them.

In collaboration with Nomy and Snohetta.

mycelium image
mycelium image
mycelium image
mycelium image

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